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HEBEI LONGSHENGTENGYU PUMP INDUSTRY CO., LTD is a one- shop leading industrial water pump manufacturer and supplier in China which founded in 2000, LSTY means power products, ensured quality, efficient service. We integrate R&D, manufacture, resource integration and trade service into one. For 21 years, we have been committed to finding solutions for our customers and providing professional service in respect of both general and specialized water pump.

Has its own brand trademark, as many as 20 hydraulic utility model patents. we are a professional manufacturer of hydraulic gear pumps.

Our teams have worked in the hydraulic field for more than 10 years and have rich experience in designing, manufacturing and processing all our products. We also have quite a lot of technicians who are skilled in machining, assembling and testing products.

With the help of modern machining equipment (Flexible machining centers, fully automatic gear checking machines, CAT full computer controlled testing machines, etc.) our company is capable of providing various hydraulic products for led production, construction and agricultural equipment, bending machinery.


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Our Service

We have four well-managed centers: marketing center, supply chain management center, manufacturing center and integration center. Each performs its own duties in different aspects but serves as four powerful engines, driving LSTY ahead in the same direction — offer better products and service to our clients.
Our business scope are involving Manufacturing, Develop and moulding, water pump stocking, labling and packing, Valve castings, repairing and reconditioning, On site support etc….

Our mainly products are including Engine cooling water pumps, Gear pump, Valve, Cylinder and fittings as well as supply for customized products, All materials are manufactured to strictly specifications and industry standards, support by a strong tech team and skilled sales team, our products are well exported to Russia, Belarus, Czech, and Middle East etc…….. which satisfy our customers with high quality and good service.

We think more than customers. During our business march, we have established very good relationship with customers,. We always fight for making value-added to our customers, We consider customer's needs and interests as our own, To improve quality and services all the time is our goal, We can offer reasonable prices and payments terms and fast delivery, Iook forward to working with more customers worldwide to create value together.


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Product Application

Construction Machinery

Double pumps, single pumps, walking motors, swing motors, etc. for excavators, pavers, road rollers, presses, paving machines, drills, bulldozers, heavy excavators, road mixers, etc.

Construction Machinery

Concrete pump truck, concrete pump truck transporter, concrete mixer truck and other hydraulic main pumps, auxiliary pumps, swing motors, and walking motors.

Industrial Equipment

Metallurgy, mining, medicine, chemicals, die-casting machinery, Hydraulic main pumps, auxiliary pumps, motors for marine machinery, cranes, ceramic machinery, aluminum extrusion presses, etc.


Pumps & motors for ship hydraulic technology industry used in ship/ship/ship deck machinery, operating systems and control systems, such as rudder ship machines, windlasses, cranes, etc.; pumps/motors and accessories for aerospace hydraulic technology industry Device.